Temp Staffing Services

Supplementary manpower in an organisation those are not crucial to core activity but significant to an organisational setup, is inevitable in the current scenario.

Administratively managing such profile in the organisational roll is expensive and uncertain, while concentrating on business operation.

We at ARMSS, can engage personnel in any support function of an organisation. This arrangement would be on agreed terms between the ARMSS and the client.

We at ARMSS, accomplish an Honest Partnering in the following areas under Temporary Staffing services:
  • On a fixed term the temporary staff would be engaged in ARMSS roll, as Employer.
  • Due & timely disbursement of agreed wages.
  • Statutory deduction and remittances towards social security (ESI, PF, Gratuity, LWF) & PT.
  • Personnel administration and addressing of grievances by ARMSS.
  • Manpower optimization & right sizing by ARMSS, as per the agreement.
  • Income tax deduction, if any and compliance for the temporary staffs.