ARMSS is started with endeavour to extend pristine service to the partners who wish to be lawfully adhering to the statutory provisions that attracts, while doing their business in India.

ARMSS aims to provide the service, tailor-made, to the requirements of each establishment, cost effective without compromising the quality.

ARMSS ventured into this Knowledge Process Outsourcing, only to make possible that any establishment can be a complied one.

ARMSS would be a one-stop-shop for all “statutory needs” – a multitude of services to an establishment at any location.

ARMSS, being a one-stop-shop, is a convenient and efficient service provider to any establishment. This provides cost optimisation to the establishments and ARMSS will be the ‘single point of contact’ for compliance of provisions of every Act.

ARMSS envisage a growth with establishments, who becomes our life partner.